Needs Venue literally means a place where people come to find products to fulfill their needs.

Needs Venue Sdn Bhd (1205091-W) started as an enterprise selling herbal supplements from a local university. Our first three products were Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali and Virgin Coconut Oils, marketed via Facebook.

As we progressed, we added more products and started an online store, to smooth the ordering process. We have 6 years of experience handling e-commerce and keep updating ourselves to stay relevant in the market.

All products are carefully selected from prominent food supplements suppliers, to ensure only quality and halal products in our online shelves. We also have two products under our own brand, as additional choices to our customers.

Our selection consist of 3 types of food supplement which could complement each other:

  herbal food supplements
  quranic food / mediterranean inspired food
  vitamins and minerals

With these 3 distinctive and yet complimentary brands under one platform, consumers can definitely be assured they are served with safe, of best quality and halal products.

We always believe food supplements play a vital role in our modern society. One could not get enough nutrients just by consuming daily food. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, food supplements become a must to support one’s immunity and endurance.

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